At Kevman Dental we believe that our patients deserve the best quality and care that can be provided, and that begins with you.

Kevman Dental is here for you every step of the way. We want to make sure you get the best care from choosing your restoration to choosing your dentist.

Deciding on the right prosthetic and making sure the right shade is matched are the most crucial aspects in creating an aesthetic and natural looking restoration, and we want to be there to help satisfy every patient’s needs. 

At Kevman Dental your satisfaction is our only mission. The precision and quality we put into each case will ensure you that every one is treated with care. With real-time case tracking we guarantee that your case will be delivered on time and in the most outstanding condition. Our experienced team of Certified Dental Technicians consistently upholds the highest standards in quality and knowledge when it comes to our services, and we enforce that in every aspect of our laboratory.

We are not the “fast food chain” of dental laboratories; in fact we are quite the opposite.  At Kevman Dental we know what it’s like to be the lab, the dentist, and the patient.  We are aware of the many choices you will be making along the way while deciding upon the right restoration, and we believe it is our duty to create a quality product that is durable, long-lasting, and life-like.  We are a trusted source for major dental companies who contact us regarding research and development.  You will not find a laboratory that will provide the high quality and reasonable prices that Kevman Dental offers.

In our lab we are always looking for newer ways to better our products, and that is why we only choose top of the line equipment and technology like CAD/CAM.  We stand behind this technology because it is not only reliable but proven to be efficient in the restoration process, delivering only the best results.  Our services include: crowns and bridges, in/onlays, diagnostic wax-ups, implants and removables, all of which are implemented by CAD/CAM technology.  Our products speak for themselves, and it only takes one glance to believe it.

MEssage from Founder

Believe in reliability, based on proof rather than apprehension - this is the approach that my team and I use to build trust with our clients so that each and every one of them feels that they were personally treated with individual care. Every patient is looking for a knowledgeable and magnanimous dentist, and every dentist is looking for a reliable and affordable laboratory. At Kevman Dental we don't need to prove that we are what you are looking for, instead, let us show you!